Chi è Dal Gusto

Who we are ?

The chef of wellness

Bringing health to the table without sacrificing the taste and pleasure of food: this is the mission of DAL GUSTO, the first Italian brand specialized in the selection and production of gourmet products with low or reduced salt content.

The gastronomic quality

High quality gastronomic specialties, produced by small Italian companies of excellence in exclusive for DAL GUSTO, according to a particular and innovative procedure that allows to obtain products with a lower salt content compared to the traditional recipe.

Chi è Dal Gusto
Dal Gusto product line

Less salt, more taste

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Reconciling a healthy, controlled and healthy hyposodium diet with the pleasures of good food is, in short, the DAL GUSTO® concept.

DAL GUSTO® the first Italian brand that selects and distributes food specialties with reduced salt content, able to satisfy even the most demanding palates.

DAL GUSTO® offers an appetizing selection of food products without salt or with reduced salt content:

  • To those who are attentive to their well-being and wish to maintain a healthy lifestyle by limiting salt
  • Who should follow a low salt diet for health reasons (hypertension, heart disease, kidney disease, water retention), but does not want to renounce the taste.

The hyposodium line

Dario Palleroni

The idea - Mr Dario Palleroni (President)

«The idea of ​​a line of foods with little salt but still tasty was born from a person in my family who, due to health problems, was forced to scrupulously follow a hypododic diet," recalls Dario Palleroni, president of DAL GUSTO. "I myself have to observe a reduced salt diet to protect the cardiovascular system. I was tired of seeing the sacrifices that must be faced at the table. So I looked around the search for quality companies, even small ones, that produced gastronomic excellences, and I asked them to review the original recipes by reducing the added salt. Naturalness of food, fewer alterations possible, use of spices to safeguard and enhance the original flavor and little, very little salt: it is on this basis that this company was born», concludes Mr Palleroni.

A team of experts selects the best for you

Selection experience - Mr Beppe Uccelli (Director)

DAL GUSTO brings together high-level expertise and professionalism, with the aim of offering exclusive products of superior quality, with a low or reduced salt content, without sacrificing flavor.

A team of experts, led by Beppe Uccelli, with twenty years of experience in production protocols (HACCP (1)) and in food preservation and transformation processes, makes a constant mapping of the Italian agri-food panorama, carefully selecting the most qualified realities. The working group then proceeds to the sensory evaluation of the organoleptic characteristics of the products (panel tests), which are then analyzed through specific laboratory controls to verify effectively the nutritional values ​​and the amount of salt present in food. The DAL GUSTO team, by virtue of its mission, always guarantees the total salt content.

(1) Hazard –Analysis and Control of Critical Points - protocol aimed at preventing possible contamination in food

Beppe Uccelli

Possibili ritardi nelle consegne

Comunichiamo a tutti i nostri gentili clienti, che in questo periodo le spedizioni potrebbero subire ritardi dovuti all’oggettivo sovraccarico di lavoro dei corrieri sui quali non abbiamo alcuna possibilità di controllo.